2021-2022 Patron List

Diamond Patrons of the Arts

Greggory Hill and Carol Dolan

John, Carrie, Emma, and Lilla O'Brien

Heather and Tim Ryan

Platinum Patrons of the Arts

Sharon and Steve Broz

The Bush Family

Gary and Camie Miller

Tanya and Joe Scharpf

Jack Sutte

Debs, Colin, James, and Tom Wilkinson

Gold Patrons of the Arts

The Asplin Family

The Beatty Family

The Bidar Family

Nancy Burnham and Ted Hill


The Elconin Family

The Hoy Family

The Ives Family

Gregory Mlachak and Michelle Jahnke

Christine Lewis

Michael and Terri Metzger

Margi and John O'Brien

The Shinkawa Family

The Squire Freese Family

Lynn and Darren Wyville

Chris, Minna, Ember, and Caleb Zelch

Silver Patrons of the Arts

Bryan and Stefanie Ashkettle

The Bellamy Family

The Benzel Family

The Borger Family

Brendan and Lisa Buescher

Todd and Betsy Coy

The Felgar Family

Jeff and Leigh Ann Ferguson

Elizabeth, James, Carly, and Alex Hamerstone

The Hoch Family

Kimberly and Richard Kilby

Joe and Julie King

The Klug Family

The Marcin Family

The Maschke Family

George and Laura Mateyo

Julie and Doug Meil

Jean Metz and Michael Seese

Tom and Jenica Mignogna

John and Ann Mitchell

Shannon and John Murphy

Leif and Carrey Nielsen

The Oettinger Family

Kristin and Bob Perkins

Dr. Adam and Maureen Perzynski

The Quigg Family

The Rebeta Family

Randall Rohde

The Schneider Family

Steven and Monica Shein

Kathy Shoenfelt

The Stec Family

The Taylor Family

Matthew and Rachel Thurman

Scott, Lindsay, Reid, and Juliette Tucholka

Erica and Ray Verderber

Eric and Laura Waldman

Jes and Jim Warren

Tom and Elizabeth Wirbel and Family

Rachel Zeitz

Patrons of the Arts

Nathan Bachofsky

Laura Bennett

Lauren and Bill Brandon

The Chess Family

Charlie and Kate Cravens

Patrice and David Croglio

Rosie and Henry Horvath

Grant and Molly Kirsch

The Newton Family

Stan and Julie Plante

Mara K. Purnhagen

The Suzelis Family

Robert and Christine Tropf

Debbie and Bill Weber

Friends of the Arts

Anne Gasser

The Hoelzel Family

The Jones Family

Kristen and Matt McLaughlin

The Meikle Family

Jackie Rohr

Anne and George Vanderbilt

Celebrating 49 years of supporting Music and Performing Arts in the Chagrin Falls Schools

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